Introducing MittaWorld – your new geodata platform!

A centralized and secure solution that brings relief to a hectic everyday.

MittaWorld makes data processing easier and adds value for customers in the surveying and geodata industry. Version 1.0 of the service is now available, and additional features will be rolled out in stages together with customers. The service is constantly being expanded to meet new and evolving needs.

MittaWorld is a digital service for storing, visualising and refining measure data flows. MittaWorld offers geodata collected from different sources as an integrated part of the user’s own processes. Interface integrations will also be available in the future.

MittaWorld has been developed by listening to the needs and wishes of our customers. Our service is built on seven principles:

  • centralized
  • easy
  • time saving
  • secure
  • professional
  • effective
  • faster decision making

Read more about MittaWorld and its features at:


The service has been developed for you who want to streamline operations, store large amounts of data easily and visualize them in a clear and understandable way for your organization’s needs. The new visual and secure home for your geodata is just a message away.


Call or send an email to learn more:

Ari Särkelä
Business Manager of Digital Solutions
+358 40 1396921